John Wearing Rover P4 parts
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Rover P4 parts and spares

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» Literature Vat Exempt
Part No. MAN60-105
Instructiion Owners Manual 60/75/90/105


Price £5.00
Part No. BK-3
Pack of 3 Rover Books


Comes with plastic case to store

Price £10.00
Part No. BK-34
Rover 2000 Maintenance Schedules

Part No 607044

Aug 1970

Good Condition

Scruffy Cover

Price £2.00
Part No. BK-23
Rover 2000 Owners Instruction Manual SC TC AUTO

Part No 4804

Issued Aug 1966

Mint Condition

Price £6.00
Part No. BK-11
Rover 2000 Owners Maintenance Manual SC TC AUTO

Part No. 4817

Issued August 1966

Mint Condition

Price £5.00
Part No. BK-27
Rover 2000 Owners Manual SC TC AUTO

Good Condition although a few pages are loose

Price £5.00
Part No. BK-14
Rover 2000 Workshop Manual

Orignal Factory Print

Part Number 605028

Scruffy Cover

Mint Inside

Price £25.00
Part No. BK-26
Rover 3.5LTR Owners Maintenance Manual Saloon & Coupe

Includes Service Guide

Part No 605215

Mint condition inside

Few marks on cover

Price £5.00
Part No. BK-25
Rover 3500 & 3500S Owner's Manual

Part No 607875

Issued Oct 1971 (some pages loose)

Includes 2 Supplements

Rover Distributors & Dealers PN 605725

Optional Equipment for Rover Cars PN 605557

Comes with Plastic Protectice Case

Price £6.00
Part No. BK-15
Rover 3LTR Owners Instruction Manual

Part No 4242

Mint Condition

Price £15.00
Part No. BK-9
Rover 60/75/90/105 Owners Instruction Manual


Scruffy Cover

Clean Pages

A few folded corners

Price £5.00
Part No. BK-28
Rover Distributors & Dealers

Part No 4315

5th Edition

Good Condition


Price £5.00
Part No. BK-36
Rover Distributors & Dealers

Part No 4315

No Cover

Very Worn

Price £1.00


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